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A bit carelessness can impact scalp injury

Working as a Telecom Engineer while in fields is always a bit risky, you need to be very careful about everything, from the access to RF sites to work, even till checking out. Its not because works are hard, rather you need to keep in mind a lot of things- we are not allowed to give rigger the permission to mount on towers without helmet, if this type of situation arises, the tower technician could charge the working team, Even not to work in sites after sunset or in rains

But sometimes situation become very unavoidable that we cannot control emotions, just like what happened with me this day. I needed to work in a GSM site in Howrah, basically the area was not so compatible for works- typical people with lazy attitudes, some issues with owners, priorities, “Engineers should abide by their rules” – this type of mentalities which I used to  deny always strongly. I reached at the place around 5 PM, & if everything would go normal then it would be maximum 5:30 PM & my work would be finished. But the same story- technician was not there , security person instructed to have a written permission from building owner after heading into a particular place, I visited but from there again I was returned as there was no one who could have the responsibilties. then again some administrative conversations over phone from zonal manager to Tata Administrations finally it was an ethical win of mine & got permission to enter the site, but unfortunately it was 6:15 PM

Now the security person started his own drama s, “please come tomorrow, we dont give permission after 6pm ” etc etc.. But I already had owned a deep desire & a type of ego that I would do this task at any cost, finally I arrived to the TATA site on a G+7 floor, it was now 6:30 PM. My senior boss asked me if its okay for me to work at this time / condition, I just shared my level of confidence that it would not be an issue from my side. However rigger mounted the poles & told that it was a bit problem for him to watch the electrical tilts. I told that no issues, I would share the flash light from my handset . all optimizations were done except one electrical tilt, I felt that I need to spray the light more closer to antenna & just climbed one step towards pole-suddenly a stand from the pole that was just 2feet distance & hit my scalp. It was a painful stroke, I just guarded the spot with one hand & thought its okay, it will be tolerable soon, but who would know that I would feel some liquids on my forehead which reminded me it could be bloods.

I suddenly lowered my one step which was higher from the roof top & came nearby light source & observed it was drops of blood just badly coming out through my scalp. I shouted to my rigger to come down soon, I informed my office that I got a bad injury, ran one floor down , there a kind family member just came out & provided chilled water, ice bag & the blood got clotted. my rigger assisted me to come down to ground floor, then I visited the nearby government hospital by car & dressing was done. However it was a very painful blow & I took drop till home, I was informed to have a rest till 1 week.


N.B : the photo used isnot mine . Its just been used for subjective purpose only.

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