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A great enjoyable hangout in Ahiritola & Maidan with core committee

By Tanmoy Biswas

It was since a long day, I was seeking for a gap to enjoy some moments with my dear pals, they were bored with their routine weekend job exams, and I was with my internships, so it was decided like we are gonna meet in a place that is quite far from the everyday pollution & city lifestyle. The place was selected from our memory database- Its Ahiritola Ghat.

We gathered there within 1PM & it was really a good time we had there till the afternoon , some rounds of river Ganges photographies , after that we headed towards Maidan, another nostalgic place from our student lives- we had spent so much times there, just gossiping over random topics, our future, relationship problems, semester pressures etc. All those reminiscences of the early days was so soothing & good. In between we had captured some quality photos which I dared to embed inside my story lines.

I hope you guys enjoyed the photos, you have any questions or suggestions kindly ask me

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