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A nice evening in Caustic ground

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By Tanmoy Biswas

The memorable place from childhood

People say this Caustic Ground, but I dont know this renaming, I mean may be some students were from chemistry departments from any Chemistry related subjects , may be under any institution under Rahara Ramakrishna Mission Boys Home, He was so fan of chemistry that ultimately made him to rename this ground as Caustic Ground.

Child s play

This is the place where my childhood, school days spent, this is related with my playful days where I used to play football , cricket. Even some of the crazy nights we spent here, those were some golden days. After so many years I was back again in this place with Raj & Soumyo. Soumyo arrived late & Raj was quite busy with my new Lenovo Tab , experimenting some random photographies, which pushed me into nostalgia.

Raj clicks this image

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