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A single HDD ruined me .

i got hurt rapidly by the boons of bad time now days, this is not because i was careless,but because i have to bear this things,like these were my destiny,istly was very much worried for i was unable to play in windows,all my favorite games randomly started to crash,windows detected this problem as a blue screen problem and I was repeatedly ox to go for a online solutions buy windows and you know this thing so quite funny because they never give you are reasonable solution. I searched what is blue screen problem in google followed by the problem id. they are too much blogs by msn. Some of the blocks said about the problem that this thing mainly occur by some ram problemĀ  as my system have a 2gb ram so this could be a probable reason. some people say that this is often occurred by some driver replacement or some driver deletion.
so I decided to change my operating system at least restore its main drivers so I install windows 8 but that yields some problems,i was unable to register the product, in this while my dualboot had some issues, so i followed the recovery tool. i already had posted about this recovery, you can check it here.

the bootloader again came to its default settings, really. but again i have to made the windows 7 to my default windows os along with the linux one . and this time the hard disk got formatted and i lost all my collected datas of last 3-4 years.this is a massive loss to me, all important documents,back ups, rare roms,softwares everything ruined . and according to my brother i decided that i should use my internal hard disk only for Os , and other datas , i mean media drives would be completely stored in external hard disk, that would be a better idea for preventing sudden loss to my data. now the days of collecting bricks and starting from the scratch.

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