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Antonio’s place with some lunch offers

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By Tanmoy Biswas

Today I visited Antonio’s place, though I was never been to his apartment before. Only after the lunch while I asked Chukwuma , he told that he was there at Antonio’s house & invited me to come up. As told, I appeared at the spot, thanks to chukwuma , he guided me through the roads. When I was there, I found they had cooked lots of stuffs, beefs & chicken, some rice. It was like they were having a small feast, it reminded me of those spare times we, core committee had together .

Antonio asked me to have lunch with them, but as I was full , I payed a sorry to him, their gestures & quantity of cooking stuffs made me assured that they’ve nourished a big demon of hunger. So I just felt happy with some potato chips,pomegranate & cookies. It was a good time we all having lunch .

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