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As a RF engineer I’m leading a perfect Team

As I’m a Drive test Engineer, My basic work responsibility is to collect frequencies on the go- a bottom line after all. so its not a single person work. we need company of men to solve issues- these are the physical issues in hardware, so those persons who can handle responsibilities are always preferred in Telecom domain.

A drive Test engineer’s weapon is his own technical tools, his car, driver & a strong rigger (whose primary responsibility is to mount on Towers), basically its not a duty of mine , however I ride towers for my own interest & better understainding of RF scenarios.

My team is consisted of a driver (these kinds of drivers are not like some taxi drivers, these are all well experienced drivers who drive cars only for Telecom industry, my driver has 13years of pretty good experience in driving as well as telecom concepts, He atleast hold a better technical vision than a normal person, great achivement! ) ; a Rigger (he is very fast in his duties, can mount a 35m GBT in 1-1.5 minutes, having 4 years experience in Telecom industry, optimize GSM sites like a charm, again a great achivement! )

Driver Raja

I only was able to take some snaps of driver, rather missed shots of Rigger as he’s kind of shy before cameras .

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