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Asansol JIO Center – leisure evenings


itting the whole day within the four walls isnt desired & I feel rather cozy in going out of my work place, walking down to the wide lane of my office. The afternoon time supplies some fresh air & very dim sunlight which would definitely make you lost in wonders; make you feel alive among the work pressures; I feel myself in my nostalgia – those lost evenings of my childhood when I used to play football with my mates or the very early afternoon days when my mom used to take me in her beloved lap for love making or feeding purpose.

All the employees love this fresh air in afternoon, some smokers used to light their cigarettes, some finds it better to call their loved ones over phone.I prefer to sit over the pillars by the path to JC; then by web surfing, calling friends, family etc I enjoy the leisure times.But this place seems to be a favorable one till the afternoon, as our jio center office is equally merged with Reliance Retail as Reliance market, there is a heavy rush of local people for marketing purpose at this time. so that loneliness, those philosophies, solitudes become bookish, random vehicle horns, shouts by people, local noise break the silence & it becomes a common marketplace to everyone. We consider this as the end of the session & determined to be upstairs again to the regular workplace.

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