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Back to the workforce – Reliance Jio

Hello all, It was a little bit discontinuation – I was unable to make some updates for some couple of days.

It was a short gap between workaholic days while Idea project was almost finished, there were no more RF activities & as well the busy days came to a pause moment. Well I spent some good time until I found myself in the process of Reliance Jio recruitment.

For me it was a good break, as I was searching a parallel growth. Since last 4-5 months, I found my learning process has been slowered down due to lots of facts – mismanagement of previous vendor company which affected me a lot in performance as well as self-confidence. so Jio was a point where I found I’d love to join & work as an employee. Istly latest LTE technology would be my platform of work. secondly, there are lots of chances to learn & face challenges which I always love to have.

RJIL (Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd.) recruitment process continued as long as 2 weeks. But may be If I could have the option to negotiate with location that would be possibly my biggest gain. selected for ROB (Rest Of Bengal) circle means I need to report to the regional JIO center of west Bengal. Till I receive a fixed location of ROB , reporting place is RJIL kolkata office. I can feel the wind is about to blow hard, storm is calling, the last few days of good times are remaining here in kolkata. Family, foods, friends, idle time – all these are gonna be missed soon. A position of Senior Executive Engineer is full of responsibilities & therefore its always Call Of Duty.

What are you upto. share your status. I’d love to hear something from you.

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