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Be friend with unfriendly situations

Everyday some people comes office timely & after their scheduled work they feel privileged to be back to home. Its like some comfortable practice – do your work & after that have time with family, maintain a perfect balance in your work and life. This is the condition or criteria what every corporate person wants to have. Enjoy your weekends with friends, family- have a healthy life. Keep your mind refreshed.

But suddenly I dont know how I am an exceptional man to this all. I mean really I dont know how they all can think these men are like slaves, they are bound to do some slavery. Even if you be at office in time, even if you show some productivity & even if you perform well. The principle problem can be you are a part of a sub-con , not a MNC. so you should not have any weekends or calender leaves, project work has bought all freedoms from your life. Even some of your family members got ill, in an emergency case you carried them to physician, but you’ll be rewarded with a complimentary sunday from the project team- How lucky you are.

Punching your I cards at 10 AM it doesnot warrant that you’ll be out of charge after 8hours or may be 10 hours.  In 10 PM, you could have thought , so whats the plan for this night! Do i really take rest this night at my bed or bending down to your office desk would supply some amount of fresh oxygen to your fatigued brain cells !

Working with 3rd party vendor is also miserable, you need to maintain both the two customers for all sets of conditions. May be technically you’re right , but still you need to sacrifice the good efforts made by your hard working field engineers, because customer satisfaction is always the prime success. Otherwise you need to be brave enough to face difficulties like your project is canceled.

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