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Cleanliness drive in the hills


he word “cleanliness” , “hygiene” etc always makes our educated minds feel strange. Its like we’re being pushed forcefully to enormous responsibilities. Come on! Cleanliness is no more a forceful thing. Rather cleanliness should come from a good habit and a healthy way of healthy lives. And by heart,

Crazy food episodes in train journey


ood is a big concern when you’re traveling by train. Some prefer to stay hygienic. They carry own foods. Some just care a hang and ready to eat anything on the go. But what if you’re traveling a long journey, but surrounded by Biriani vendors completely. This post is completely dedicated to food episodes use to be happened in railway.

Always travel with best buddies


raveling with the best buddies becomes something special. Is not it? Due to my mood, my nature of traveling, I often keep on traveling. Sometimes solo,or with unknown groups, or with family, sometimes with close buddies. but the feelings come with the persons you love the most. Because of the mental frequency in which you’re consistently having conversations.