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My shots captured by camera or cellphone.

Rammam holds the color of true spirit

I’ve traveled to most of the part of West Bengal & Sikkim Himalayas, they  hold the mystic beauties. They’re all fresh. But still I can not forget the memories with Rammam. I believe, I’ve seen here my true color of  spirit.


Rimbick holds the genuine beauty of Darjiling- photo by Tanmoy Biswas

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Always travel with best buddies


raveling with the best buddies becomes something special. Is not it? Due to my mood, my nature of traveling, I often keep on traveling. Sometimes solo,or with unknown groups, or with family, sometimes with close buddies. but the feelings come with the persons you love the most. Because of the mental frequency in which you’re consistently having conversations.

Sheer innocence from Rammam, Darjiling


ccording to william Godwin “No man knows the value of innocence and integrity but he who has lost them.” who knows better than me or anyone who has experience of this modern civilization & mankind. This piece of innocence is captured in Rammam village of Darjiling district,

Shotgun pose in Gorkhey, Darjiling


i everyone, this days are very hectic, so really I cant make much time for my blogging  & writing full articles. Though its always a habit for me – I keep myself engaged into this thought process – what’d be my next topic. It was not a great deal though choosing tho create this one.

Enroute – biketrip to Jhargram


y Jhargram plan was kind of a solo travel & I just planned the whole trip in one night, It was no doubt, kind of a sudden plan. Me & soumyadipta gathered for our scheduled plan. It was kind of a pleasure that sometimes I think we really stay in sync.

Getting lost into the darkness – Singlila National Forest



t was the darkest hours in Singlila National Forest. Though we were in the safe zone, basically there are things for which you need to take safety measures. But if you’re not far away from the locality, village or human presence, then probably you’re safe. You dont need to worry about the things much,