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Being a Tech crazy I’d represent worlds most innovative ideas & techs, most talked tech articles which I wanna share or talk about.

Fix of crashing Line messenger in Linux

A year back , I made a post about How to install Line messenger in Ubuntu Linux, due to some reasons It was problematic as after Line in Linux when asking for update , all the patches those were made got somehow changed & the wine program started to crash.

Is any particular site blacklisted in your ISP? find out & Resolve if any

Do you ever feel some sites (may be owned by you / not) is getting connection timed out or connection reset? you may imagine that its may be the site is down or (if you own the site) the hosting is down  & you are screaming whole day eventually on your hosting provider that the “most notorious hosting I was served!”

know the culprits which drain your android battery & degrade performance

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By Tanmoy Biswas

android battery drainage

Does your phone behave strange whenever you expect something more from your device’s end? Whenever you are specially having a travel to anywhere, you just dont want to compromise with your battery life, you engage more with internet, music, watching movies,

Solved windows kernel-power event 41

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By Tanmoy Biswas

You’re in a severe fight in your pc & suddenly a call arrived at your phone.

“Shit I got a call in my smartphone, but am in a game now!” you left that call unanswered.

This situation talks about how passionate gamer you are actually &

Install Line messenger in ubuntu Linux

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Where the world surrounding me is flooded by Whatsapp messenger, I personally prefer Line for Instant messenger on my smart phone even in Desktop too. Line is the only popular major platform instant messenger that provides a direct pc client for uninterrupted conversation between your friends , even if you dont have your smartphone nearby or without using the smart phone,

Be Self dependent while creating your own theme

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While you’ve started to build your own theme, you have to keep it in mind that every inch mostly of the theme, you have to create with your own element. If I think of a header image of my blog (my theme) i have to think here with elementary ideas.