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Being a Tech crazy I’d represent worlds most innovative ideas & techs, most talked tech articles which I wanna share or talk about.

Is any particular site blacklisted in your ISP? find out & Resolve if any

Do you ever feel some sites (may be owned by you / not) is getting connection timed out or connection reset? you may imagine that its may be the site is down or (if you own the site) the hosting is down  & you are screaming whole day eventually on your hosting provider that the “most notorious hosting I was served!”

Install Line messenger in ubuntu Linux

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Where the world surrounding me is flooded by Whatsapp messenger, I personally prefer Line for Instant messenger on my smart phone even in Desktop too. Line is the only popular major platform instant messenger that provides a direct pc client for uninterrupted conversation between your friends , even if you dont have your smartphone nearby or without using the smart phone,