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Being a Telecom Engineer its one of those most used categories of this blog. All my telecom skill,interests, jobs, roles, work areas & related articles would be showcased here. I started my career as a Telecom Engineer professional. After working for several years in top service providers of India, I planned my career to be shifted to a different dimension.

How I took decision to change my food habit


ear friends, I’ve already shared much posts about my lifestyle being a Telecommunication Engineer, where my daily activities, food habits, refreshment types I had shared earlier. Today this post is regarding some food habit enhancement process.


Mainly, since I had posted to Asansol, my food habit has came down to a pathetic level,

Telecom Engineers weekend view

This post isnot so boring (I know u dont think them so ) , a small tour to this weeks end days. Not much pressure, little coolness. Actually I felt I always have showcased earlier how much stress & risks are there in our job, well but I think in life there should be always lots of positivity.

Finding little refreshment in Telecom lifestyle


ays are too busy to understand whats going around me. At least I somehow manage to have my lunch just in time. Work pressure is no doubt increasing as JIO’s project phase is being streamlined to meet some point in nearby months (I assume). Multiple vertical demands, multipurpose work culture,

Leave policy in Telecom industry


ey everyone,how are you. I received lots of requests & questions this week asking about lifestyle of Telecom sector, some people asked about Reliance JIO services; there were also some travel related queries, I tried to solve them as much as possible. Besides, its my request you can post queries in comments,

Starving is best option when work load is high


ince I have joined in Asansol, I’ve learned to starve. No, definitely I’m not complaining about life, but I’m quite habituated with this feel. Its may be a break fast time, or a lunch time – I know I’ve an added benefit that I can remain starving.

No one wants to stay starved,

Facing flood in West Bengal


was occupied with a cell performance report today, while suddenly a pop-up message appeared on cell phone, took a quick sneak peek & understood its an whatsapp text from our West Bengal RJIL group. Generally for other groups, I would like to keep them muted & notification off forever.