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You are viewing Life of Telecom Engineer

Being a Telecom Engineer its one of those most used categories of this blog. All my telecom skill,interests, jobs, roles, work areas & related articles would be showcased here. I started my career as a Telecom Engineer professional. After working for several years in top service providers of India, I planned my career to be shifted to a different dimension.

Tool driven automated system – gradually approaching in Indian Telecom industry

Technology is making us idle & less prone to work – I stated this earlier already, now again facing the most obvious cases out of it. Earlier people really tried hard to make something manually, then one by one testing its each segments, then finally experiencing that. But this age is not for testing or building something manually.

Growing interests among youth for Telecommunication

Being a Telecommunication Engineer, I always have felt kinda isolated from normal people. Telecom indistry in India is huge yet people dont have much ideas about this industry. Even the young Engineering students they never looked for a industry named ‘Telecom‘. Even sometimes I guess they dont have much concept about industry.