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You are viewing Life of Telecom Engineer

Being a Telecom Engineer its one of those most used categories of this blog. All my telecom skill,interests, jobs, roles, work areas & related articles would be showcased here. I started my career as a Telecom Engineer professional. After working for several years in top service providers of India, I planned my career to be shifted to a different dimension.

How potentials are made demotivated in industry

Actually after being a professional person i have learn so many things,in industry always ‘the more output u are giving & the more you are earning’ its not valid rather how ever much efforts you give, it is being screened to its quater extent towards your super senior persons & the always like to have that advances ,

A bit carelessness can impact scalp injury

Working as a Telecom Engineer while in fields is always a bit risky, you need to be very careful about everything, from the access to RF sites to work, even till checking out. Its not because works are hard, rather you need to keep in mind a lot of things- we are not allowed to give rigger the permission to mount on towers without helmet,