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Surely, I’m a Travel freak, more precisely an adventure freak- I like shivering colds, scorching heats, dense forest, trekking, mounting Icy mountains, traveling on foot. Follow this category

Cleanliness drive in the hills


he word “cleanliness” , “hygiene” etc always makes our educated minds feel strange. Its like we’re being pushed forcefully to enormous responsibilities. Come on! Cleanliness is no more a forceful thing. Rather cleanliness should come from a good habit and a healthy way of healthy lives. And by heart,

Crazy food episodes in train journey


ood is a big concern when you’re traveling by train. Some prefer to stay hygienic. They carry own foods. Some just care a hang and ready to eat anything on the go. But what if you’re traveling a long journey, but surrounded by Biriani vendors completely. This post is completely dedicated to food episodes use to be happened in railway.