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CDMA towers & its coverage

Each day I got some interesting questions related to Wireless Technology, thats good as people like the way to think technically, but its always not possible to answer regularly, I must beg pardon for that.

I got a question of CDMA coverage kilometers as the person is willing to use CDMA network.

CDMA towers & its range. #cdma #tower #timingAdvance #Range

First of all, It doesnot matter mainly if its CDMA or GSM technology used in antenna, because the radiation & its coverage depends on some important parameters like:

  • Height of antenna: Depending upon tower type, the height can be differed. so in that case the height of antenna come into role. as example: Tower type of GBT (Ground Base Tower) generally becomes of a good height, minimum 25m to 45m sometimes, so their coverage are larger.
  • Clutter detail: Clutter details play a big role, in city areas its very common to have G+3/4 clutter, for that purpose the coverage becomes shorter due to fading effects.
  • Blocking: Until antenna radiations are being blocked by large buildings, hills or other elements, coverage works to larger range uninterruptedly.
  • Spectrum band used: One more important factor for range consideration is the spectrum band that is being used by operator, Generally CDMA bands  used can be in 800 MHz , 1900 MHz etc. so the very clear thing is wider the band , the narrower its range. For a better understanding, if 900 MHz & 1800 MHz bands are compared to each other, then we must say that that operator which uses 900 MHz band, will have wider range of connectivity than the operator of 1800 MHz. There are lists available for CDMA2000 technology used by the operator & their respective bands. Have a look & find out which bands are being used by your operator.

so the bottom line, The range depends on its power output, how many height, and the direction. Therefore, the range could be from about 1/2 mile (which is the smallest I’ve seen) to several miles. Actually, the most I’ve seen is about 20 miles over water with direct line of sight, no obstacles, etc.

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