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Climbing a 45m Ground Base Tower

I used to leave GBT Towers ( ground base tower) , they are high & when theres excessive pressure, its time consuming to climb GBT towers. Its generally isnot my work to climb towers, But if I wish, I can.

Todays mission- riding GBT 45m in Naihati . #TelecomEngineer #RF #TataDocomo


Today while visit to Naihati sites, I get an amazing opportunity to have a ride on a 45 m GBT , I had never ridden on a monster like this. So I preferred to check this out. My rigger had already mounted on the tower, & told me over phone that optimization isnot possible for him being a single person, as the GSM antenna was huge, so I suggested him should I come to help you? He readily accepted that idea & I started my work . Believe me or not, It was a gigantic tower with crows, generally crows or other birds feel safe to build their nests on such great heights. Somehow I managed to escape from their sights.

Todays mission- riding GBT 45m in Naihati . #TelecomEngineer #RF #TataDocomo


Todays mission- riding GBT 45m in Naihati . #TelecomEngineer #RF #TataDocomo

I raised my eyes again to some little higher, still its 2/3 remaining to climb, there are some platforms on defined heights , to have some rest, because a continuous climbing isnot suggested as well as expected. but horribly those platforms were damaged. & after continuous climbing of 10 minutes I reached the top (Not so much different than climbing a hill) . Got some beautiful snaps all around, helped my rigger to his works. Snaped some photos.


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