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ore committee is the core of our college life friendship. Its the based on the fundamental principles which pushed us through the all ensuing pressures, obstacles those we faced in B.Tech life & luckily were enough fortunated to bypassed them & crossed the gate of RCCIIT.

This squad was not built in a day, or in a month . Even we didnot make choice for people to come over and offer a cup of coffee in our club, the building was constructed over years of trusts, care ,love for each other & a mutual understanding, ability to handle circumstances through various circumstances which made the base strong.

Though no one is neglected or meant to be cheap, still we believe the journey started from the ist day of college,ist semester. Me, Soumyadipta a.k.a Bhola & Pritraj a.k.a Vetki met to each other , actually we were not aware of this fact that we had started to making some history. In this semester, Ujjwal, souradeep became another beloved part. & gradually Tanay joined us thus the inevitable part of Core Committe was formed.

Core committee

In 3rd semester Avishek & Shouvik joined the team as lateral members. In between we lost some of our friends who were once part of this body. Soumyadeep a.k.a Panuda, Raja,Sudip a.k.a mama Souvik a.k.a Furku (another souvik ) left the journey with us. Furku left this entire world & other three left our classroom. In 6th semester Rajarshi joined this team as another important member & the bottle finally filled with beer .

Though once in ist or 2nd semester we wanted some girls would be in our company & that would become an attractive part for this teamplay, but we never have that chance & I must say we were lucky to dont have this desire fulfilled, because we’ve seen other groups-facing lots of troubles & triangle loves centering a girl & finally broken friendships. We all were men & thats why those roots were enough strong for natural calamities. In this 4 years we laughed, bunked classes, drunk, cried, broken up, engaged, got supplied, owned O, became backbenchers, thrown out of classes, regular late arrivals, made flirts, lots of infatuations ultimately resulting nill, frustrations, being joblessness, making memories, workshops, semesters, whole night awoke before last night of exam,group study, tution, pet names, random funs, arbit pet names, fests, band performs, politics, semester end travels, super hero stories, day dreams, long term commitments, life time dialogues,durga pujja, kali pujja, mozo joints, hangovers, night outs, universal brotherhoods these were our key elements during college days.

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