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Crazy food episodes in train journey


ood is a big concern when you’re traveling by train. Some prefer to stay hygienic. They carry own foods. Some just care a hang and ready to eat anything on the go. But what if you’re traveling a long journey, but surrounded by Biriani vendors completely. This post is completely dedicated to food episodes use to be happened in railway. Apart from food, I’ll be adding some of my journey experience. so read to the end.

Food occurrence in Railway platform, Photo:

This was not a full fledged plan. But honestly i was dying to have a trip, because my holidays were about to finish. I was making a big way for my management studies . In last six- seven months, I have finished 03 moderate treks, some offbeat trips to different parts of India, two bike trips. So that fever had already caught me. Thinking about a finish of this era is only bringing me nightmares. So, i remained steady with my decisions.


As u have already guessed  about my nature of travel, I booked the train just immediately, before 3 days ago of my journey. Unfortunately the ticket was not confirmed & I faced a situation of RAC (Reservation against Cancellation)case. In this case, the railway authority does not cancel your trip, but it comes with a little physical cost. You’ve to share your seat with some other person. So consider a case, where your seat is being shared with another. so literally no movement, no proper body alignment on seats. sometimes, if you two (you & your fellow traveler) are too aggressive to sleep together , then have a criss-cross alignment. Two people sleeping,keeping their heads at opposite direction. This becomes stressful when its a long journey.


So I faced this RAC case. luckily that fellow traveler was an assemese & young man. So i didnot have much pain to make him understand about adjustment. It was a same same situation. within some hours, our newly met conversations turned into good-bad monents’ conversation. We started to share our dry foods or meals. Alas, it was not a female co-passenger. Lol.


Train journey from kolkata to Guwahati seems pathetic, as the way is too long. Though, we’re sharing seats, but it was not too bad when you’re in a national environment, meeting with lots of unknown people. Honestly, I love to socialize and meet new people everyday. Its like a job role of mine now a days. Again a Lol. In day time, I was in a mood of having rounds of power naps. And the time was just before the rainy season. So you can clearly understand, how much humidity there could be in a tropical country, specially in plains.

Veg biriani served in Railway Photo: Indian Rail Info

Suddenly around 7Pm, I unwrpped my eyes from the drowsiness. Found my fellow, burgaining with food vendor for dinner. It took 2 minutes to understand the scenario. Basically, we had some veg biriani (I dont know how I confessed this, but veg biriani sucks, its not a biriani) in lunch tims. It costed 40 bucks-Pocket friendly, tasteless. But who cares when you’re traveling in a sleeper coach with RAC flag!? So for dinner, our budget mindset clicked that 40 bucks flag. But this vendor was asking 100 bucks for veg biriani. Oh come on! First of all its Veg, secondly its not a biriani ( they used to make fry rice & name it biriani, the poor passengers dont complain about quality, because its a railway food) . I made him relax & convinced that I’d bring something pocket friendly. In NJP station, I went out of the coach and discovered some one selling veg biriani( again) at 70 bucks, even with potato gravy. That was the most ‘love reaction’ expression given by my passenger friend. we bought it and finished our hungry episode even before 9PM.


with this story i wanna conclude, inside or outside of home, Bong or non-bong, running train or on platform, people fantasize so much with Birianis.

Railway vendors, Photo:

Friends, do share some of your hungry travel stories with me. I will be more than happy to share it. stay connected.



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