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Danger has been spotted

Danger has been spotted- Tanmoy Biswas Telecom engineer

Danger has been spotted. could you??!!

This is a GSM site near Topsia. At ist when I saw this, I took that as a common thing. as in most of the GSM sites, there are some nests of Eagles, Crow, vulture etc. so I dint take this seriously at ist. My rigger said its risky to work on this particular sector. However I didnot take a mark on his words . & commanded him rather to have a ride. whenever He was just near the antenna, I found two crows became angry and flew towards my rigger. I shouted at him to be careful. He just bent down his head & it was a difference of inches from his head- though he had a cap.
Generally, crows dont get too angry for a small reason, But I found the nest contained some birdlings. So rather blessed them to have a longer life- in Telecom most of the cases, people prefer to breakdown their nests . But its upon some amount of humanity.

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