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Day spent in Barrackpore by core committee

The core committee, the friendship between we people is no doubt unconditional & we try to spend time always together as much as possible, because we weren’t still habituated with the sudden change of life- the sudden end of 4 years B.Tech lives, from everyone’s individual perspective. Even some of us have joined special coaching classes specially programmed for some competitive examinations. But thats not for all, some of us has started his career as MBA under some recognized good MBA colleges, I’m still now idle in my position , waiting for some dramatic change, but I’m not sure if there would be any drastic change , basically I’m too much confused standing on a point from where many ways are out. I’m just unable to take any decision at this point.


To spend our idle times, we were planning for random meets & hangout to nearby places, so that we can still convince our rational mind that everything is not ended up still. If we want , we can arrange such things any time . So, after the successful completion of the Ahiritola ghat we were busy again in arranging another time pass. Some wise person once said: “where theres a will theres a way.” We met up in Barrackpore in next time, & quench our apetite to the fullest at Dada Boudi Biriyani,Barrackpore. This shop is quietly popular in Northern Kolkata, even in other parts of kolkata too, for its unique taste & popularity. After the lunch , we gathered at the Dhobighat Barrackpore & crossed the river Ganges in ferri to the other bank of the river.


As we met at the verge of afternoon we had a little time just left then. So, we had to compromise with the desire of spending some quality time in Gandhi ghat, barrackpore.

From there we again stepped back to the main road & met the end point from where we had to split into groups as per as the nearest,simplest routes to way back home was concerned. Pritraj took a bus & there we had lots of humors with him. image

We ended up the day with the vow of making another get together very soon.

(Photo copyrighted by Soumyadipta Mondal)

By Tanmoy Biswas

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