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Dont let you go to other profession if you’ve already decided your job


Hello people, how are you? I am quite busy now days & just yesterday returned from selection process of British Telecom & I wanna share this. When you become choosy with your domain – other domains most importantly when some one push them as your would be domains, it starts feeling pain.
Last day I was invited to take a part in the British Telecom’s interview process & I was told that its in my domain, I need only some basic networking knowledge which I thought yep I had them. So I reached in the office in the early morning, at the very ist stage I faced a problem in entrance , as I was unable to produce my original Govt ID card. then it was a favor by another fortune seeker, who helped me getting into the building. thanks to him.
After waiting an hour finally the interviewers came & invited us for a technical writing test without any brief introduction , not even the job description. ha ha I was quite surprised thinking about that I was sitting for a test but I dont know for what job I’m trying this. no this is not the very ist time. I had already faced the awkward scenario in BT.
what seemed to me most ridiculous was the questions I faced in the paper, all those questions were not from any basic networking, not even from my domain, I was presented with some Cisco telephonic systems & some other protocols which doesnot belong to any wireless modules. after the test I understood that its not for me. though I waited to hear the result.but it was already 3hours passed, but no results were announced. even we were told to wait for some more 1 hour, which seemed to be just beyond my patience . seeking no benefits I decided to come back.

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