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Enroute – biketrip to Jhargram


y Jhargram plan was kind of a solo travel & I just planned the whole trip in one night, It was no doubt, kind of a sudden plan. Me & soumyadipta gathered for our scheduled plan. It was kind of a pleasure that sometimes I think we really stay in sync. This plan was made in a hurry & we made no ifs and buts. One big plus point for us was one of our college friend stayed in Jhargram . He had requested lots of time to visit his place. And when you found a local guy, you know 80% of your plan is done.


Jhargram is a place, quite separated from West Bengal tourism due to last few years’ political disturbance & tourist insecurities. But now a days, Jhargram has gained much interest among the tourists. Exactly, just after the hot political turbulence of Darjiling district, a huge number of tourists who used to prefer to spend a weekend in North Bengal (Darjiling), they had changed the idea of spending a leisure weekend in South Bengal or Central Bengal area. Jhargram is one of them.


Enroute to Jhargram BY BIKE


As I told it is one of those places less traveled, we were greatly motivated about the idea of explore. We rarely had a sleep that night out of excitement. The next morning was the trip day. We planned the whole trip by Bike. The photo captured on Bally bridge just after we had started our trip. Though the bike trip was thrilling, we never had the feeling that we’re having a painful journey. The total distance we covered in bike was some 170 KM approximately & it took some 4.5 hours to reach Jhargram. I’d also post a separate full post regarding the whole trip.


You can also checkout my roadtrip moments from Jhargram.

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