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Facing flood in West Bengal


was occupied with a cell performance report today, while suddenly a pop-up message appeared on cell phone, took a quick sneak peek & understood its an whatsapp text from our West Bengal RJIL group. Generally for other groups, I would like to keep them muted & notification off forever. But as this group is consisting of senior management people, & always immediate actions are suggested here so this group in a high priority list. I opened up the message & found a photo posted just now.

Now again another filter. I dont like whatsapp’s this very feature that all images / videos get immediately downloaded & saved to local directory than cloud. so I set the options ‘untick auto download.’ so basically I didnot get the preview, but the later texts were seen as ‘pls take care of the equipments’ / ‘check the power option properly’ / ‘dont swim around these places’ etc . I was sure something serious note was concealed in it. I downloaded the photo. The flood is in West Bengal – in some district, due to the sewage gate release in DVC, nearby districts are about to face flood. This was an instance. Already within some hours, flood news from Chakdaha, Nadia also came.

Not worried about the sites, but those poor people living in these districts. Truly living in kolkata & rest of west bengal is different. Where people in city live with extra ordinary comforts, these very poor people in districts lead a very ordinary life with very basic amenities. Their lives & properties should not be wasted like this.



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