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Feeling bad after watching you to beg for partime jobs

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By Tanmoy Biswas

i guess the student life should be very sincere & careful . once a good academic opportunity is gone then its gone forever. I faced some issues in my student life when it was a bad phase. still I didnot slipped . Those days i recalled today when I found my brother is posting he needed a part time job ,not for some serious requirement rather for he wanted to buy a new phone & thats for some silly reason – he wanted to access Whatsapp messenger which isnot accessible from my mums phone after brother’s phone got stolen from a train.
I started to feel very sad not because he was posting something that he was seeking for a job, he was asking some ones favors & he s a very much needy person, but rather he s going to loose his golden days to study, to be something in his life, once this opportunity is gone he would never get it back to prove himself or to fullfill his dream. its the hightime to ptove or think about something academic,once he would enter into something commercially he would just get diverted from his motto – he would be chased by desires to make more money- its a common human psychology,no arguments.  I just tried to save him from getting lost, cause the ultimate loss would be only his.

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