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Finding little refreshment in Telecom lifestyle


ays are too busy to understand whats going around me. At least I somehow manage to have my lunch just in time. Work pressure is no doubt increasing as JIO’s project phase is being streamlined to meet some point in nearby months (I assume). Multiple vertical demands, multipurpose work culture, & unmatched targets from different areas are being circulated to my work space. A day full of 2 sets of meetings with National Head Quarter people, State HQ people – lots of planning, strategies & action plans – all these are forcing a regular blogger to forget about his online presence sometimes. But I did not at all keep myself aloof from my habits at least maintained the habit of replying to comments by dear viewers.

xxx return of the xander

poster of xxx return of the xander- credits to IMDB

After all these things, when the stressful 10 hours on average count is over, somehow I seek for some efforts to make myself unstressed may be some movie watch/ regular TV serial watch, (killing your night sleep obviously). Today I thought of a plan to make the movie wish list checked in by booking a ticket of ‘xxx return of the xander‘ at evening show. But in Telecom industry, you will never know what will gonna happen in next hours. Unfortunately, some emergency activities were scheduled just around 8 PM & yes, as expected the plan was dropped. But, we made a slight compromise- delayed the plan to 10 PM, the late night show it was. In a town like Asansol, we watched the movie in a non-popular multiplex. It was a terrific experience. Though it affected the next day regular wake up time, but who cares when you’re finding a little entertainment for yourself in your loaded work schedule.





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