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Finding the definition of happiness


I dont know what is called happiness. every one is chasing happiness. myself too .because  “am too much fatigued with the burdens”-this is often told by our friends,family members, neighbors. Generally , Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy -this is the general statement of happiness.


But how many people find truly happiness?its a big question. all of us who claims that they are happy,we just have managed somehow the situation. or adjust their mental situation with the surrounding atmospheres. in reality no one is perfectly happy. a happy man or woman is really a myth.


I asked my elder brother how to be happy and he replied -the best way of being happy 1) Loose ego (like “I” or “me”), 2) loose desire (like ‘want’, ‘want to be’), 3) loose negativity (like ‘not happening’, ‘am not’), 4) leave the rest of it as it is. thus “I am not happy” => “happy”, “I want to be happy” => “happy” even“I dont want to be happy” => “happy” … 🙂


there are many books available in market about tips of being happy. but am really doubtful are they really helpful. coz, the main topic of the tips are to control your human emotion etc etc etc, but in practical that is never possible, because they are not robots or machines,they are human beings made of blood and flesh. so emotion,feelings these can never go away from one’s mind. that is why these tips are not almost worth working.

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