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Fitness could be your life saving strategy


ear friends, before joining any adventurous trip, I strongly recommend to have some fitness practices for at least 1month or more. I’m sharing one of my experiences how a little bit of wellness can become a life saving strategy.


In the village of Gorkhey, while we were randomly roaming around for photography, we actually did not want to stop to any places, any where. So, maybe its a place under the bridge or upon a floating piece of stone in Gorkhey river, we did not care a hang. The ultimate aim is to capture any good photograph – there was no constraint to this activity. We were ready to accomplish any activity for a good effort because we knew that we own fitness.


Even I posed like a saint there.

tanmoy biswas in gorkhey

tanmoy biswas in gorkhey

But that was not the story here, getting down to a place which is much deeper than the usual ground level is actually something that will push you to think about how you will be back there again on the ground. So for that thing you need to own physical fitness for jumping or hiking.

Hiking the rock in Gorkhey- Tanmoy Biswas

Hiking the rock in Gorkhey- Tanmoy Biswas

In my case, me & one of my friend Tanay we thought that we could do this casually, while soumyadipta stayed back to click our photos. It was not actually much easier as we had to climb down to some extent to 10-15 feet from the level – the way was not physically built except only those rocky terrain. I am very sporty with this activities since my childhood, so it was not actually a big deal for me to cross some big stones depending on my strong arms & chest. I anchored a floating stone in the stream, later renamed as Gorkhey river, posed for some photos like a saint. It was not rather so smooth for Tanay, he preferred to stay out of these risks.
Climbing up to the ground - Tanmoy Biswas

Climbing up to the ground – Tanmoy Biswas

The main challenge finally appeared when we felt that it was a time to be back. Its a common perception that in hilly places climbing up & down always turn into different scenes. The way that we used for getting down actually reversed its way now. We faced some giant rocks before us at our chest level & the only way to rise again was to creep and creep, honestly there was nothing to take support.
Standing near Gorkhey river, Darjiling - Tanmoy Biswas

Standing near Gorkhey river, Darjiling – Tanmoy Biswas

It was a real challenge to get up with the power of wrists, arms. In some cases, jumping also helps I believe to get support of objects from further distance, though its completely upon experience, how long can you jump & grip something with timing. But its not recommended to all. I faced little difficulties, even Tanay also.


That is why I recommended on some fitness practices before joining an adventurous trip.



Let me know if you ever faced any situations like this on any trip. your experiences will definitely become some catalyst for my upcoming posts.


5 Responses
  • Pramit Roy
    July 26, 2017

    During 2015 December we went to Utah and visited 3 national parks. Each park is one day driving distance away from each other and each park takes on an average 2 days to cover the basic(most popular) hiking trails. Arches National Park was one of those. We did the hike for lot of arches there including “Double O” arch and that trail was covered with ice. It became really dangerous at some point where you are most likely to slip over icy tracks and the track is over a narrow fin where if you slip and fall either side of the fin, you will only be found with all bones broken. The temperature was around -16 degree celcius, so even the liquid coming out of your nose becomes ice immediately. We were not able to take any picture or video of the journey but found this video of the same trail which shows exactly the same situation of ours. It was like 2.8 km (roundtrip) of hike but there will be no one around you and physical fitness is your only savior.

    • tanmoy biswas
      July 26, 2017

      You know, I watched till the end & felt how thrilling the trek could be!! And this video surely can make anyone understand why you need to be fit in such treks. Awesome ! Glad that you experienced this place 🙂

    • Meenakshi Pramanik
      July 28, 2017

      One of the thrilling incident in Utah tour.

      • tanmoy biswas
        July 28, 2017

        Yes @meenakshipramanik:disqus boudi. I watched some clips of your Utah tour. it reminded me of our breath taking experience in North sikkim, in the month of january, I must say you people are having a definitely good time 🙂

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