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Gnostic Gospels on cloud 9

Sometimes we think our life is about to change and we will miss the previous things, some people started to feel drowsy/idle thinking about the future, But i learned from my past that those things are really very interesting,challenging you know which are about to come, and that could bring some unexpected joy sometimes, as well as sadness periodically.


when due to inevitable problems that was an end from me to Zeetherz. and i was in a long vacation for a prolonged 1 year period, and i thought each time what is exactly going to happen with me? is it the end of my musical career? or some thing new is about to come? i got no reply from my mind , and sometimes i would become down for couple of hours . But by coarse of time i managed myself to think over this issue that i should start a new set up, may be i have not enough time but my ambitions always gave em company to make something new,experimental and obviously quality music. And i am happy that after this wait i got such a company like Gnostic Gospels. i like to thank Arijit for being my best friend and like zeetherz here becoming my lead guitarist, secondly got Rupak , shamayeeta. This super combination is really making me more ambitious day by day. Due to Arijit’s exams jamming is slightly interrupted, but from 5th March this gonna start again. In between Drummer selection is  completed. Hope this new things sure bring some  tides.

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