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Growing interests among youth for Telecommunication

Being a Telecommunication Engineer, I always have felt kinda isolated from normal people. Telecom indistry in India is huge yet people dont have much ideas about this industry. Even the young Engineering students they never looked for a industry named ‘Telecom‘. Even sometimes I guess they dont have much concept about industry. Most of people I’ve found they were fascinated about IT jobs. Since then I’ve joined Telecom industry, gained experience, respect from people, even some fool comments like ‘Electrician’ , ‘People of Tower’ etc made me laugh. People generally dont know whats RF Engineer, whats BSS Engineer.

Often I got wonderful replies from viewers about life in Telecom industry, job prospectus, future scopes & never felt tired to answer those queries. I feel good finding this growing curiosity – Young students & recent graduates are among them. Not only Indian, students from outer world also now a days became enthusiastic about Telecommunication Industry. And its a great feeling when people say that they are quite satisfied with the answers. So, working in this industry & slowly but steadily learning things are some key aspects I admire.

Although job satisfaction & work satisfaction both are two different things. I heard lots of my friends talking “The same boring work each day“, “No meaning work“, “Bullshit duties“. But works in Telecom industry are very logical, analytical & interesting – It will not make you bore anymore. Although job satisfaction is a different thing – summing up your job profile, package etc & thats a matter of case studies. Because for each company, job profile, project the work pressure would not be similar. As an example , I can draw two different scenarios: Idea 3G project & Airtel 4G project in kolkata.

Idea 3G project was a painful one with lots of technical parameters already known to be cliche, could not be achieved, still burdened with plans to the engineers. I spent some pressure in the Idea 3G project phase where I felt there’s no life of mine. On the other hand, when it was Airtel 4G project phase in Kolkata , the pressure was there but life was there, I felt passion, courage, workaholic. ZTE’s airtel project was fun with work, there was fun of learning, working, collaborative work with team members.

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