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Hopeless & frustrated being a victim of present situation of West Bengal

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Once it was the major region of India producing heritage & culture for India, so many literate people & renowned great people were born here, but today I think we’ve lost all those prides out of  lack of humanity , having excessive ignorance to any matter, may be its political or its a social violence or crime, majority being busy in their own business & works that they even show reluctance to some major responsibilities which should be opted for being a citizen of a free country.


I dont want to mention here any particular person or authority for this, because people know already about what I’m raising my voices . the bullshit rules & its modifications in order to gain self profit, showing silence in most vital cases happening in the society like rape,kidnapping,murder etc & finally where people who’re directly or indirectly involved to this acts when become free out of incomplete charge sheet – these enhances the probability of crimes & drives the courage for  ill deeds to be happened.

By Tanmoy Biswas

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