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How to find a rented room at cheap price


taying in rooms is a big concern when you’re staying in some other distant location other than your hometown. In telecom, outdoor station is very common, because services are meant to provide in remote places where finding proper city life or maintaining a good life style is really difficult. So, where actually staying is a big factor in telecom industry.


Generally, I used to spend a little money for staying because I know only the night staying is important for me, as most of the time of day I would spend in office or work. As an example, If I map my total day time, the contributions will be like:  10 AM- 9PM office including even saturday, so only 10PM- 8AM (the sleep time & small amusement for myself) & the Sunday (the only day to relief ) is the day when I’m supposed to spend in rent house. In Asansol, I dont spend my one & only weekend here, rather I prefer to stay at home with a pain of just 4 hours train journey to kolkata. So, you guys can understand how I’m analyzing my timesheet. So, this post is all about my finding a room or shifting from a costly room to a cheaper one.


The existing system:


After paying 3500 INR per month for consecutive 10 months to a house owner with an exchange of 1.5 rooms, I decided to move on . Because that gentleman ,I felt like looted me with very poor service. He should thank to God that AirBNB isnot here in Asansol, otherwise I’d definitely rate him a handful of 1 star. Not only that , I count some mistakes of mine also for this prolonged stay in this horrible room for 10 months, because I could not gather much time in this duration to find another suitable alternative room.


The challenges:


Anyway, after the historic decision was taken, we (me & one of my colleague who was also seeking for a low rented room by any hook or crook) people went out just like typical area surveys. Yes, I even can feel how determined we were that we need to find a house at any cost, because on another hand we declared our previous house owner that we’d leave their 5 star hotel within 1 month, so basically we were in notice period. So finding a room was the crying need at that moment. Now let me tell you, condition of Asansol town – here a hell lots of brokers who are roaming around you & will charge you one month’s rent & they’ll manage to find you a place according to your budget & choice. Well, we didnot hire a broker rather believed on ourselves. After finding of 1 week, we found a house where rent was only 2500 INR for 2 persons (we were spending 3500 & his 2500, a sum of 6000 altogether by staying at two different places). But the owner shared a story where the room which he intended to provided us, was once upon a time his younger daughter’s room, she built it with her wish & savings, but unfortunately she was no more (as confirmed by some local people later that girl committed suicide years back) . This story was something about which we were not prepared. So thinking about lots of sad songs may happen later & that that popular song (Mere Dholna) of the film “Bhulbhulaiya” warned us to refrained us to book that room.


A ray of hope:

So, our search was resumed. In the mean time, one of our colleague (a third one) informed us that one of his friend has a room to rent & the room cost will be as less as lower than 2000 rupees.  We were on cloud 9 -this was like a news for which we were waiting since last 15 days. So, in a fine morning we decided to visit that place. but what we faced you people just can never imagine. It was a room , no it was half of a room where you’ll find your room ended just immediately after your entrance. Confusing? ok lets try it with another sense. You stepped down your feet from the bed, oh now you’re outside of your door. That room was so small that we were confused for that ist time that may be there will be another room attached to it which will be in that package, but it was that single half room where you need to manage a single bed with room partner. This was a very bitter truth & we were not ready to bear this. We asked the rent & his reply was something which affected our decision dramatically. In clear words, he demanded rupees 1500 will be just ok with him, i.e a single person 750 INR contribution will be just fine with it. Who would argue more with such a condition & we happily shifted to our new room. A small room with happiness – my new room in Asansol.


Ever find challenges or have any funny incidents while finding rooms? Why not to share it?



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