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I miss north indian foods

By Tanmoy Biswas

Bangalore – A horrible place for the Bengalis . As it has limited Bengali resturants & hotels. The kormangala region is famous here, though it has many many hotels & resurants but you’ll surely miss the Bengali spices, that taste & feeling what actually you always have while staying at kolkata by your mom’s magic hands.

Generally Bengali people are well known for they love to eat, this affinity towards foods not only limited to some veg or non veg, fish which is the principle food of Bengalis, you’ll surely miss that taste in Bangalore. Bengalis love sweets, the special biriani thats available in kolkata & other north indian parts – you’ll not grab those things while staying at Bangalore.

Then you’re thinking what you’ll get , you’ll get one plate rice, daal & tomato gravy if you stay at a pg, otherwise order foods from hotel everyday- spent 10k bucks in a month or stay fasted.

2 Responses
  • Panna Paul
    October 4, 2015

    Kind request to all my fellow bongs including you in Bangalore STOP IDENTIFYING yourself as NORTH INDIAN. Culturally, food wise, geographically and linguistically we are totally different from NORTH INDIAN. U should have posted I miss Bengali foods. Do you think NI can ever prepare shorshe ilish, dhokar dalna, shukto, lau ghonto n all. Answer is a BIG NO. Because for them without Onion and garlic and too much of masalas taste won’t come in food. Which we bongs especially our maa thakuma never feels that for them cooking is art and that depends on your talent NOT MASALAS. Of course we are not south Indian but NOT NORTH INDIAN either. Remember this fact. Please please please!!!!!!

      October 5, 2015

      First of all, much thanks for visiting.
      secondly, your thought is much appreciated. – Basically I tried to point out to that exact point what u told. Its obviously true we are bongs, & we have some special things in fashion, life style, food habits which makes us Bong,so I will surely rectify this thing for my future posts. Keep in touch.

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