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In the Last hours in ZTE Telecom Bangalore

By Tanmoy Biswas

Last day spent in ZTE Bangalore was not a real happy day like the other days, there was some sadness in the air, some were happy that after long time they would be able to go back home, but I was not a real happy one.

After coming to Bangalore I met with lots of people, some Arabic guys, some Nigerian, some guys also from Angola,Sudan they were in my contacted persons list. I have learned to lead a very liberal lifestyle here in this city. I made myself open to communicate with people irrespective of language, color, culture, country- there was only one objective, just to learn something new, just to think like other persons who actually live beyond the horizon. I met lots of racists Indians in Bangalore who actually think themselves much smarter & fairer than the Africans. But I never found the reasons to be a part of such kind of controversies. So after coming back to kolkata, I know surely that I would be again the part of a close world. I receive one award by the nigerians โ€œThe Best Indian.โ€ I like that compliment , but as well as I was sad to realize why my other countrymen get stucked up to some narrowness.

The test was complete & we were awarded the certifications. From this day you can call me a certified Telecom professional. ๐Ÿ˜€ The core network training was mindblowing , I was surprised to have an instructor like Mr. Deepu. He’s an ace player. In final hours, we got some scopes to have a photo session altogether. Mr. Deepu snapped the group photo.

Some maths were remained untouched- Antonio & Anubhav’s fights were unsolved. The free cafeteria & attack on crackjacks,the self motivated air conditioning machine, some girl’s silent head nodding, some quality trainers & their patiences , some trainers dancing eye-brews after facing questions, some โ€œwho told you?โ€ quotations, Franklyn’s ‘Bum Bum bigger than Bombay’ track, Femi’s concept of connecting RNCs via bluetooth, Chukwuma’s engazement with xolo phone (Now I wonder I am the guilty person, lol ),Antonio’s ice cream & crispy chicken treats- interpreting every concept into telecom scenarios, Anubhav’s leg pulling with Antonio, Tayo’s jovial company in weekends- those all should sleep peacefully in history.

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