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Independence day-opposite reactions by people

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First of all I want to say Happy Independence day to my fellow Indians, brothers, sisters,friends & those Indians who stay abroad. This Independence day I wished in Facebook addressing all Indians.but what was not expected is the opposite reaction by people. I mean to say, some people always found in social media platforms who actually try to pretend themselves as simply oversmart or “Yeah I’m khooool <cool>”. Though I’m not against them, coolness is good for health & mind but Its not to be entertained everywhere.

Some people started to update their facebook status like : “Ahh! It seems people on 15th August become more patriotic. (some expressions of irritation).”

Some one: “Now everyone participating in a competition who can be more devoted for country on this day.”

I want to ask them why you do such things or thing like this? Firstly, theres no value of ones thoughts could be understood through out the social media platform statuses , because they’re just meant to be not a brief, just some overview of ones activities. So if anyone post a status: “Happy independence day!” that doesnot mean the person is pretending to be patriotic, because rather than giving a status update its pretty expected that some one would post a status of wishing, so theres no sin, no wrong with that. Rather the person who is judging if that was competition or not , he didnt seek/ do patriotic activities other than 15th August. So why to be pretending? What the point to mock others?

By Tanmoy Biswas

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