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Indian students are being misguided everyday

In the time , whenever I used to live in kolkata,i realised that Indians are always lazy,they always think like a main stream,they cant have any seperate thoughts,whatever others are doing or cultivating,they are quite busy to move on the same way. I have faced this things from my college days. whenever you pass your schools,you would get some motivations from others that to have an engineering degree ,it can help you easily to get a job,each year lacs & lacs engineers are being produced in india,who dont have employability. Thats may be for lack of passions or in some cases, for the unconstructed educational system.
I never find an answer that why an engineer wants to do a MBA? just to have a better salary? then why dint take a BBA? Now a days its a tradition that engineers are trying to move into government jobs,postal jobs,banking jobs. this is really frustrating. It seems that very soon the whole system could get collapsed. Its due to lack of some motivations.
After coming to ZTE telecom, i found finally that my inspirations or interests are staying here. in college days,i had only some interest in communucations paper,I liked those analog & digital communications and after that got inttoduced with wireless commumication. But i never met with real scenerios ,how practically ,in reality the connections are being established. After getting to know all of these I must say I m only dedicated to telecom industry,cause I have found my area of expertisation.
So My conclusion may be as we dont have always career counselling – this type of programs we should utilise opportunities in college lives to have some training programs seriously as these could be your future decisions. otherwise if you take everything lightly ,you will just get lost in the main stream & after several years you dont feel your work as a passion – you would feel yourself a slave.

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