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Internet meme isnot so cool as much you think

Internet meme & short videos around today’s internet are funny enough, time killer & entertainer obviously, though have you ever wandering of its side effects? I mean gradually you are being killed or slow-poisoned still you are not warned of this fact- this is the killing process I guess today all you are facing, not slow & steadily, but rapidly & steadily.

Do you remember last time when you read a full page of a book( let it be an E-book for the sake of discussion, because in this E-era you’ll definitely find no gap to read a hard copy)? Do you remember when some of your friend shared his complete story of an event, he was the victim, shared his full 500 words description & you just overlooked the whole content, just seeking for some catchy words to understand actually whats the matter- finally just hit a Like without knowing the story (thinking who else gonna read this vast article) & left the conversation.


Yes, today we are more prone to cool infographs, internet meme, short videos, funny GIFs. Infographs are cool anyway. Memes are great contents for fun, humor & laughter , ok great , but have you ever thought these things are grabbing your patience level day by day. Once while you were enough bold to chew some 2-3 pages, but now a days this ends up to some 3-4 lines, and everywhere this thing is continuous. Even in Twitter, you’ve to express your view within limited words. This habit turning you into a machine whose functionality is just limited for viewing a less than 50 words paragraph.


Day be day, you’re becoming a lazy tool whose one hand is operating with scrolling, viewing, hitting like & keep scrolling- no productivity or output from your side. In this world considering everyone’s job perspective, each one is busy in his own world, so why not to create your own story or sharing your own ideas ?  At least much appreciated than your shared internet memes on your Facebook wall.

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