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Is any particular site blacklisted in your ISP? find out & Resolve if any

Do you ever feel some sites (may be owned by you / not) is getting connection timed out or connection reset? you may imagine that its may be the site is down or (if you own the site) the hosting is down  & you are screaming whole day eventually on your hosting provider that the “most notorious hosting I was served!” ok if these kind of situation ever happened to you then you can count me on.

check if that site is on or down (through different networks: your local area network, mobile data connection, some public wifi zone etc)

  • If you get same results everywhere: site unreachable or not found then its the issue for the site.
  • But if you get different result- in one system site is shown & running, but in different system (say: from your home broadband) the site is shown as request times out or connection reset, then definitely my suggestion would bring a new ray of hope to your disturbed brain.

In the 2nd case, open your command prompt & type the following:

command prompt-tracert

you’ll get some hops of sequences . In this case I had issues with my own site, what I found :


you can see some couples of timed out requests are shown in the trace route. that means there may be a chance of blacklisting of the site in your ISP , not necessarily for any crime, may be due to some flooding or sudden attacks to that particular IP, in that situation contact your ISP to unban the IP & again have access to your favorite IP . Enjoy!


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