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Ist day in ZTE telecom, Bangalore

Today was the first training session in ZTE telecom, Bangalore. well I felt so lucky after getting this opportunity to be trained here as ZTE is a popular telecom org globally & their instructor who was appointed ,is really a skillful technical man with 5+ years of field experiences.
The first line started by him was India is quite saturated in telecom industry. lots of industries are in saturation here,telecom is one of at its top. This line dissolved the whole patience & interest which dragged me to Bangalore alone. But after a certain time he again uttered, “I’m not dismotivating you. what I wanna mean is You cant expect a job right after the completion of your training,you need to have patience.”
The ist day session went quite well. Got a clear idea about the evolution & spectrum allowances.
I met with two Nigerian friends here,surprisingly they’re staying in my pg. Franklyn is one of them.He’s a nice guy. he’s not from a technical background. His background is accountancy. I was happy as he chose his field as telecom,he said that Nigeria has a booming telecom industry there & lots of Indians doing jobs there as Telecom engineers with a high pay scale.I felt happy to hear about it. 😀

ZTE provides its free cafeteria with unlimited hot & cold beverages. Besides it provides a wider view of the surrounding from the corridor.

By Tanmoy Biswas

2 Responses
  • Nancy dtdc
    November 4, 2015

    You are right… There are a lot of Indians working in the telecomm. section in Africa.

      November 6, 2015

      Yes Nancy. Telecom industry is booming in Africas & middle east countries. As Indian telecom industry is well developed & progressive so indian engineers have pretty opportunity for Africa. Thanks for your view! Keep watching.

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