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Its Slipknot time again..

After a long time listening slipknot. its useless to state that its one of my favourite metal bands ever. some reasons for it, the unique drums technique by Joey Jordison. and the vocalist Corey Taylor. most favourite tracks for this time were before i forget . nothing more here i wanna discuss about them, because wikipedia is a better place for that, not my blog. But one thing i must mention here that always everything that is illustrated in wikipedia isnot correct , may be some big mistakes, as for slipknot wikipedia informing us that they are basically an American heavy metal band, but is really true that is Slipknot calls themselves an Industrial metal band, though a large number of controversies there among the fans.

am sharing a youtube video of before i forget live in Rock Am can easily trace their huge fan following. its from 2009. here it is.

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