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Jharkhand trip by Core committee

just finished a memorable trip to Jharkhand state by core committee, specifically the place is Deoghar. the journey is ever remembered.

Corecommittee- on top of Trikut Hill

Core committee- on top of Trikut Hill

Journey starts on 17th December,2012 from sealdaha and we chose Muzaffarpur fast passenger, the trick was it was only Fast passenger by its name not by work. in the train summary sheet it was said that it will take

core committee - 41 kmPh. remember guys?? wanna buy reservation tickets ?

41 kmPh. remember guys?? wanna buy reservation tickets ?

only 6hrs to reach deoghar, but it takes time as much as 10 hours. what a shit. After reaching to Deoghar, we planned to take shelter in the Ashram but the people there were not so kind by nature and we were refused to give rooms, then we adjusted another space as our Room, not to worry it  was not a road side rather a house, and by permission of the house lord.It was too much cold and we gathered only two blankets. and pritraj,we,ujjwal,shouvik,avishek,tanay these 6men started their ultimate experience of adventures.

core committee on trikut hill

core committee on trikut hill

Next day we hanged out for Trikoot Hill. It was 400 mt. I now it sounds so small but covering the whole hill in a single day was something challenging. we all guys were lore or less slim except Pritraj, He was kind off rolly-polly. So it was a hard task for him to reach the peak of the hill, But arduous works also could not resist us to be victorious. we conquered the hill in just 4hours by walk, leaning over the stones.

core committee on trikut hill

core committee on trikut hill

From then we reached Tapovan, Its a sacred place with temples. we had less interest in religions , so we planned to focus our interest in the hills there also,but due to the previous journey we were fatigued and we took rest their in the base of the hills only Avishek and me started to climb the hill, But we cudnt go so far, as the dusk is approaching, we thought to cancel the mission for this time and we climb down to the base.

core committee - Down the ground

core committee – Down the ground

The next Day it was planned to go for a temple and ujjwal,shouvik,Avishek went inside of Baidyanath Dham, its a very pious temple for the Hindus. we stayed outside to protect their shoes,belts,leather wallets. 😉  from them we headed to Nandan Hills. its basically a man made park which is constructed by the government for amusement, its situated over a hill, but reaching to this hill from ground was not so much arduous, there are several steps to get their, and lots of rides there specially for children, and its a very good place for  lovers. We passed couple of hours there. Then returned to our Guest House. We had to boarded in the train that night so we had enough hurry. Finally boarded in some Mithila Express which is a kind of factory of foul smells , the passenger train is so good than this, It was unbearable so we arrived Asansole and boarded into another express- Haridwar Howrah express. We had to do a little fight to get some seats, after that the journey was so smooth and we reached our kolkata in a couple of hours, even the train dint stop at Bandel (Tanay’s plan was cancelled). Finally I reached home on 5AM.

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