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Last few hours left at Kolkata

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I’m just unable to express my feelings right now as some few hours are left only , I’m leaving this city midnight . Despite of all the facts that kolkata does not have a good economy, kolkata even is  undergoing some ill political conditions, I love my childhood memories, i love the moments I’ve spent here with my family, my relatives, my dear friends, my sweetheart everything I’ve just caged in a box of memory . Dont know when & how I would be back here again. Just some nostalgia encompassing me .

The last day souradeep a.k.a Buff has left the city to Pune, and the other day I’m, I can think of the other pals who are in my group, how their mental condition can be, even my dearest mom, she’s really really upset , rather worrying about me if I could be able to manage there everything, she’s just unable to company because of the high railway ticket booking rate. Leaving behind all the things, my music, my brother, dad, gf , even I would miss the everynight’s counter strike lan playing with my brother, The my elder brother has purchased a new Counterstrike old version in steam, it would help us to be engaged in forgetting other factors 😛 lol.

so just this a little message to all my dear persons, have a sweet & safe life here. I would be back someday here. & wish me a great journey ahead in Bangalore.

By Tanmoy Biswas

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