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Life suddenly changed- clouds of pressure in horizon

Suddenly the wellness & comforts are at stake, the Idea 3G project is running in its full velocity. I was having a real good time sitting in Huawei Telecom office, kolkata , as RF survey coordinator , though I knew its just some temporary activity  till the SCFT plans to be executed. So working or sitting at office is always kind of comfort though I dont like these type of stuffs just because there are fewer options of learning opportunity , because I believe the true spirit , fundamentals & logics always appear & set up from those experiences working in RF only. So if I just began my work from office, I know I’ll loose scopes of field knowledge.

As having some rest times I was completely unaware of the ensuing Drive Test activities & its suddenly started after the weekend.  I came from TEMS background, which is an Ericsson based tool, so suddenly moving to another standard is quite tough job, but here it was the main & big challenge, because here all the test activities are about to be set on Genex Probe which is Huawei standard.

So for me it seems to be a challenge as well as opportunity to work with Genex probe, as I found too many engineers who dont know how to drive with this network tool. Even the senior engineers also dont have knowledge with Genex probe.

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