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MBA Preparation – a sudden change in life

Starting a journey of Telecom Engineer was not something fascinating. Again, declaring a finish move was not too easy. But something different was decided by fate. That is how I started my journey for MBA. I guess now the time is approaching where I need to think about a new title for my blog. As the existing title doesnot befit with the changes – “A telecom Engineer’s backpacking stories. ” Rather how would it sound – ” Backpacking journey of an MBA. ” Naaaaaay ! Anyway lets keep this thing aside.

Lunch days in Asansol

In mid of 2017 out of some turbulence & emerging ideas (entrepreneurship) which were pushing me drastically at that time, gave rise to this necessity that I need the leadership & business skills. Of course, I was not following the usual way of learning curve in India – first B.Tech , then MBA for a bigger paycheck. I understood the importance to have knowledge about business, industries, markets. Hence MBA came to mind. More over, i was doing rather good in my last company. My managers were happy to see my efforts & outputs. so why not to think like a manager!

Lunch days in Asansol

But Thinking of an MBA & execution part was not same. I mean its not so easy if you really having a full time job of 6 days. I contacted a local edu- preparation center. But it didnot fit my schedule. Their class times were clashing with my usual office schedule. Even I talked to my boss,seeking any sorts of relaxation if possible. You already know about the leave policy in Telecom industry. Well, no mercy ! Then I decided why not to prepare at home (I mean in my rented room,where I was posted).


It didnot consume much time. I contacted a guy who was selling all of his Career launcher Study material & bought them in a decent price. From that moment, my real preparation was started.


I can remember, it was 9pm of my day (11am-9pm schedule), when i was on my way back, with some veggies, rice & daily stuffs from market. My room partner was very helpful, who used to help me preparing slices of vegetables. I was the poor guy, preparing ‘daal’ , single handedly with a book in other hand. Because mock tests were planned just after one hour. So thats how I initiated my preparation. Usually everyday it takes around 2 AM at night to sleep. But the first month went hectic. Because I was not in a habit of study, so at first I used to feel sleepy. But gradually I grabbed my mind. Just think, a person having his office done from morning to Night, then again preparation of food, as well as study. It was seriously hectic days at that time. Because it was very recently, I changed my food habit in Asansol for my lifestyle.

Lunch days in Asansol


However, My preparations didn’t make me so upset. I was confident about my situation, my vision, why I was doing that. So It was not really a big job to crack the GD & PI of a B-School. I can remember I was the guy in my row of 20 people, who invested 20 minutes & more in personal interview with Symbiosis.


Finally, one fine evening, an unusual mail popped up & I received a congratulatory mail from Symbiosis Institute of Operations Mgmt. that I was selected in their very first merit list.


It was something bigger than anything. The dream, the vision for which you were struggling since last one year almost, you had achieved. That was a reason to be happy.


I’m curious to know if there’s any decision you’ve ever taken for the betterment of your career, please let it be posted. I’ll be happy to share it with all the readers. 





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