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Meet some new energetic bloggers

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By Tanmoy Biswas

Today it was a good day – I always search for new bloggers, who had started their work recently, I just like to be in touch with them simply, and today I found 3 bloggers who are actually passionate about sharing their life with their special interests.

Life is not a simple journey & sharing about life & experience thats also a category I consider , at least better than those copied articles from internet, though the blogging ,its meaning isnot clear to all- but I found these bloggers quite dedicated to their works & they are young. These guys are not from a same platform, some use tumblr, some wordpress, but what is identical in their views that was their stories, their life. I want to introduce them.

  • Rajarshi Chowdhury– This guy is from WordPress . Lucid writing, logical thoughts, life journey & experiences these are the primary objectives of his blog, though personally he’s one of my close friends. He’s one piller of the mighty core committee. Wanna say him all the best for his efforts in blogging.Rajarshi Chowdhury
  • THE FreEsPiRit– another wordpress platform blogger from kolkata,India. Though I know her personally, but we never met. she has been graduated from my college in Information Technology. Currently working in IBM. Shelove to dream, to learn new things, love to drive and love clicking pictures. Above all she’s a nature loving person.She love to spend time with the nature.image
  • I am BeeBeeGen – a Tumblr blogger, she’s from Tagum city,philipines. A single mother & contented with her life- her blog is an open book, a happy journey with her cute child. She loves blogging, new fashion ideas etc.image
  • Allies skin care & beauty blog – A blogspot blogger,  She is Allie brown from US .Its a fashion blog of her own. She is minimalist, skin care,beauty lover, acne survivor, Makeup. Traveling. FOOD!. Heart to Hearts. Her husband. Her son. Fashion. The cosmos. Being Thrifty. Love in general. Sephora. Luna. Art history. Travel. the color Red. Chai Tea. Being barefoot. British people. Making people laugh. Orchids. All Black. So much PDA. image

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