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Mom- word beholds the whole feeling itself

” Mom”
The meaning of this word is very deeper & its so pure that it cant be compared to any other thing or other feelings in this materialistic world. Mom or Maa give birth to us & nourished us to that point until the child becomes worthy to do something, still the mother’s duty isnt completed. From the begining of the child’s education till he gets a job, mom cares for him each time. And the most surprising thing in this relation is mother never expects or wants something in return from her infants.

I always love my mom, her struggle for me, to make to this extent so that I can make her,my dad’s name brighter. Even after getting my job, my mom is very much restless- she always worries about me, if I had my dinner at right time, if I’m okay etc.

Today it was time for leaving kolkata & from the moment I left home with luggage ,mom started to make her eyes wet. I several times convinced her that Im not going to North East permanently, its just for some few months. But moms are always mom.

I just can never imagine her face when my train whistled – she was just crying like a baby,I know my mom isnt strong enough & as she loves me very much she cant always readily accept the fact that I’m leaving her-even if that becomes for 2 weeks.

I told my brother to take care for her properly,so that she cant feel my emptiness . Mom ur son loves u alot & be there always for you.

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