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No arguments with happiness in life

In life, often situations arise which results in frustration, depression & ultimately blaming yourself for any worse situation – its drags nothing but one’s self control of emotions, happiness, stability of day to day life. I belief the root of all these evils are unrealistic expectations about life & future what we human beings often do. Having decent amount of money, branded car these can be temporarily some materialistic corner of one’s happiness but they’re not capable to supply joy for long run. This true happiness could not be bought to keep us grounded.

I’m discussing some common practices those I do to find my relaxation. Now let me dig those points.

  • Family & Friends : For me my family always comes first & my friends are some positive catalysts which enhances the joy, ecstasy by reducing the boredoms. sometimes, discussing with family about any issues, or a fine outdoor dinner time with them brings joy. I’m not good at cooking, but sometimes any type experiment with chinese dish, south indian dishes plays an important role between our family relations. I have some crazy, energetic friends who really care for the relation between us, sometimes gossiping about life or exchanging common issues with corporate lives make us felt cozy.


  • Nature : Have you ever stopped by any natural objects? Ever you smell the scents of soil after the first rain? Being in stress, we sometimes forget about the positive sides of any deed. Next time, when you’re stressed try to take some breaks to natural destination, at least 1 day trip. I love to spending countless moments sitting near a river, may be alone or if possible with best buddies. Thats why our Ahiritola Ghat sittings are extremely successful plan. I prefer natural spots rather than crowded malls. Specially unexplored places draws a special attention, I feel an attraction towards discovery. 😀


  • Listening Music : For me its a special treat rather than sitting idle.  Although I love listening new songs day by day, new practices, new genres. But sometimes its a good habit to give try to the old ones. Loud music with full stretch of my vocal chord, head banging with aggression these all give me a pleasure unknowingly – for me, sing with music, play with music, sleep with music. I must tell this is a very popular therapy for stress reduction which is already applied. Also 8tracks is a widely used Online streaming radio by me which hardly would make you unsatisfied with your demand with its huge collection of different genres.

  • Small vacations : Most people prefer to have vacation once per year. Well, I think I’m not like that. For me, once in every 3months, may be a short trip but enough effective for body & mind. Of course my vacations are not long compared to those who travel once in a year, but its something that I look forward each 3 months rather than having it in a long gap. In last few months, some small vacations played a vital role for enjoyment. I want to mention them as:

Remember, keeping your body & mind fresh is essential to overcome your stresses. Let me know your feedback about  spending leisure time for small happiness.



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