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Not satisfied with British Telecom’s selection

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By Tanmoy Biswas

Today I received an interview letter by British Telecom, the job profile was keenly in my interest list, it was an ORT engineer, i.e Operational Readiness Testing position, related directly with network positions. I was technically prepared for this position & appeared for the interview in DLF-2 , however finally not selected, what occurred there was demoralising.

The whole interview session was divided typically into three sections:

  • Group discussion

  • Technical face to face interview by BT.

  • HR round.

Two seniors from HR department came & described the job profile & what first stroke me as he said the job will be 24*7 , if there was any problem for those people who were present there,he asked! People raised there hands & responded that they have no problem with this. I was shocked whatever. (No salary package was announced).

As the number of candidates touched figures of 120 or more, the group discussion process started with each team consisting of 25 people, this sounds whatever good,but after taking away ist 2 teams i.e 50 candidates, the ist HR (a gentleman) shifted to another room. We,the rest were left in the existing room with another HR (a lady). She started to show some hurry after 1hour passed with the last two teams, she started our ist round with herself, & what was not expected that was, she told that she would not take a GD, rather she would give each candidate 60 seconds to appear before all & introduce himself as well as would tell his expertised skills,certification & other courses related to the job profile, that would be the ist round of interview.


After couple of rounds of introductions I was able to know about 80% candidate present there were either M.Tech or 3+ years experiences in IT / presently working in MNCs like CTS,Accenture. I told my bio & share my keen interests in joining this company.

Finally I got to know that some of fresher candidates were chosen & mostly experienced candidates in Networking fields were selected as well. Standing in this point, my question is, if all job fields are opted by experienced candidates, then what will be the future of fresher engineers? Start working in insurance companies? Or being jobless? Or is this candidate selection process of checking speaking ability with sharing own bio is right?

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  • Priyanka
    December 22, 2016

    I have also faced a huge harassment from the HR from british telecom kolkata branch. I got a call for the interview from a well known consultancy. one female HR came & said who have less than 2 yrs of experienced wont be eligible for this interview. I asked her if I have no experience in this particular domain they are hiring for but total experience is 4 years. am I eligible? She said YES YOU ARE ELIGIBLE. Then i wait for the apti test, gave it & the result came after 2 hrs. I cleared it out. Then another HR named “Sugato” came & asked some questions to check my communications skill.

    He said we are looking for some candidate who are experienced in this particular domain. I was shocked & I said another HR told me I am eligible. but he said You are not eligible & he rejected me. After some days that consultancy called me & informed Sugato said I didnt clear the rounds.

    Is it a joke?? A HR of a company like British Telecom can do such a shitty things?? I am completely disgusted with his behaviour. & I also got some negative feedback about that particular HR from some of my friends. Bloody hell!! Same on you BT.

      December 22, 2016

      Yes Priyanka ! Its true, I’m really sorry hearing this mess happened with you. I have faced lots of HR arguments / controversies in my career, but each one I faced , they had some logic except BT.
      Hope you’re fine & doing well now a days !

      • Priyanka
        December 23, 2016

        U know I am still clueless why that man rejected me. My friend, the cinsultancy & the another HR told me the same thing , but Sugato told me the different..
        Such an obnoxious person I met.

          December 23, 2016

          Dont be Priyanka ! You know life is quite unpredictable, you never know what is waiting for you in near future, may be this was not done just because some thing really good is expecting you. Even I’ve missed lots of overseas project for some silly things.
          So always be positive.

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