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On top of a lorry to sodepur

In kolkata, I guess the most & strong reason why anyone doesnot want to stay is the transport system & the mode of communication isnot so distributed- the workload is unbalanced. Like for the morning time, all people moving towards a particular area & for the night they are moving towards the opposite direction and this is same to each people – from a low level worker to a higher level senior personnel.

The main line train system is again another complex loop, where the signaling system used in trains are of very old technology , that why its quite popular of hearing nuisances regarding trains. The day I’m sharing here is obviously of a day of train irregularity. I reached BidhanNagar station around 8:40 PM & heard about an incident that two trains happened to meet in a same railway track (two different direction-up & down ). I had already face this kind of situations earlier, so decided to drop my plan of traveling by train, boarded a bus from ultodanga to reach Dunlop.

Alas! I was not only the person who was thinking this way, thats why so many people were traveling by bus & as a result a mixed up massacre in roads as well. It took around 1.5 hours to Dunlop & there were more problems were awaiting to  face. No auto or taxis were ready to go, some of the cabs were demanding for a shuttle ride for 100 rupees per person, I found no option suitable for me but waiting to find a better alternative. Finally a loaded lorry came with some cloths loaded on its top.

-(I waved my hands): “wanna go? ”



-“come come. Hurry.”

I jumped & gripped the chords through which those cloths were packed on top of the vehicle. I found these cloths are fresh raw materials before the dye & other processing. I sat on top of the load, with a fine feeling of pillow beneath my whole day’s fatigued,painful ass. Somehow gripped the chords tightly as these were the only things which kept me attached with the moving vehicle. Captured some beautiful scenic view from the top- people passing around me, waiting for vehicles, other passing vehicles etc. Finally it dropped me to sodepur, after again some painful waiting of 10 minutes I got a local auto to my home. The crazy moments I enjoyed on the lorry-top was really one adventurous moment that would be kept in mind safely.

N.B: The cover picture used here is of a third party , credit goes to .


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